Within the scope of restructuring projects, organizational structure of the vehicle that will carry the institution on this road after organizing the institution’s current stage and determining its problems (Current Situation Analysis / Managerial Check-up) and clarifying how / how to reach vision / main purpose and mission / vision. The stage of creation comes. The organization of the institution is restructured by A ve A Danışmanlık by using the following equations;

  • The institution has a functioning at international standards,
  • No communication disorders,
  • Eliminating the problems experienced in the areas of common responsibility,
  • Minimizing the works that are not obviously responsible,
  • Ensuring that all units act in line with the main goal,
  • Making the task sharing in a way that will create efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations improve performance and position themselves by evaluating how internal and external changes affect progress towards strategic goals, by predicting and analyzing competitive dynamics, and by taking into account customers’ key capabilities.

Strategic Planning Services:

  • Company headquarters profitability,
  • Corporate strategies,
  • Annual planning processes,
  • Scenario planning,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Family Business Configuration

According to the researches, close to 75% of the companies in the world are family companies and they create more than 75% of the gross product. When we look at our country, we see that the family business consisting of approximately 95% of Turkey’s economy.

If we mean the sustainability of the company with an institutional structure, we must admit that the prevalence of institutional structures in family companies and their solid foundation are the most important factors that guarantee the sustainability of the world economy.

The most important factor of the longevity of family companies is directly related to the health of the relations in the family. Responsibility, duty, authority, etc. between family members and company professionals. The fact that institutional basic features are not clearly defined causes adversities in the family and between family and professional workers.

The most basic feature of a corporate company is that it clearly draws the boundaries between partners and family members, organizes separate meetings to discuss partnership and family issues apart from board meetings, and provides fair financial opportunities to family members who are not involved in the company. Institutionalization is the establishment of a sustainable structure that does not depend on individuals, can keep up with changes. It does not mean that there will be no people in the important points of this company, but in the absence of these people, it means that the structure necessary for everything to continue without any disruption has been created.

Institutionalization does not mean leaving the business entirely to professionals. On the contrary, it requires partners to be at work, but to create a common working culture in cooperation with professional workers.

Within the main titles mentioned above, A ve A Danışmanlık provides comprehensive consultancy in the field of family business structuring and a continuous improvement model throughout the process.

Şirket İçi Anahtar Göstergelerin Oluşturulması

Corporate Performance Management is a tool that enables all units and employees of the company to perform in line with the company’s strategic goals. It provides a defined and measurable performance system in which strategic goals are associated with department goals, department goals are associated with individuals’ performance goals.

Companies that effectively implement Corporate Performance Management are successful in setting goals and keeping track of how close they are to these goals. When they have difficulty in reaching the targets, they quickly identify the root causes that lead to this.

A ve A Danışmanlık works with you in all matters you may need during the creation, reporting and analysis of key indicators within the company.

Digital World Management

From the strategy to the application, the technology suggestions suitable for your working model that we will offer will help you to reach the business goals you have set / set, to decide with confidence and to quickly evaluate the business opportunities you encounter. Together with our business partners, we developed leading solutions and services for finance, human resources, CRM, ERP and corporate operations. We know how to get the best results from cloud computing, portable technologies, data analytics and social media, so we make your business leaner, smarter, faster and more agile.