Merger & Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions, sales or public offering transactions; It contains risks and opportunities both in preparation and application stages. With our technical knowledge and experience, we continue to support your company with our consultancy services during the preparation and implementation, not only with you at every step, but also in the post-process integration stages.

Financial Restructuring

With our Financial Restructuring Consultancy services, we provide consultancy services to companies that encounter financial problems and cannot meet the expected financial performance, in terms of full management support in credit processes, problems detection and applicable solutions.

Investment Projects Feasibility

In terms of the sustainability and economic growth of their current status, businesses are obliged to make their investments either with their investments for the renovation of factories or facilities, or to increase their current production capacity or move to new production areas. All SMEs or large-scale companies need to analyze the necessary conditions and decisions in a rational and purposeful manner when making investment decisions. In this context, A ve A Danışmanlık provides report services under the following topics.

  • Current Status of the Business
  • Project Description and Scope
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Production Program of Goods and / or Services
  • Project Location / Application Area
  • Project Entries
  • Organizational Structure, Management and Human Resources
  • Project Management and Application Program
  • Operating Period Income and Expenses
  • Total Investment Amount and Its Distribution to Years
  • Project Financing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Social Analysis
  • Risk Analysis

Company Valuation

Valuation, financial modeling and financial feasibility studies; It is one of the primary studies in the decision-making processes of companies, in determining the price in mergers and acquisitions, and in preparing the financial statements. As a result of the company valuation study, the following questions are given by mathematical calculations. In this process, all necessary analyzes are provided by A ve A Danışmanlık to answer the following questions for our companies that need company valuation.

  • What is my company’s value for an investor?
  • What are the main factors that affect the value of my company?
  • What is the value of a target company for me?
  • What is the value of my company’s intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, contracts and customer relationships?
  • How can I determine the effects of my balance sheet after the purchase on the future performance of my company?
  • How can I increase my company’s value?
  • What is the effect of my company’s current capital structure on the value of the company?
  • How can I measure the profitability of an investment project?
  • What is the optimum financing structure to maximize my company’s value?

Financial Management Consultancy

Within the scope of Financial Management Consultancy, it is aimed to implement strategies that will increase the value of your Company. In this context, cost optimization, revenue increasing strategies and market strategy are the main topics we are working on. Industry analysis within the scope of Financial Management Consultancy project – current situation and future view, market segments, size and growth potential, target market analysis, competition analysis, customer segmentation analysis, service and product differentiation, choosing a new business model for market entry, industry regulations and We aim to increase your Company value by creating value through micro and macro analysis, taxation, analysis of market entry alternatives, acquisitions, joint ventures or partnerships with domestic investors.

Budget and Reporting System

With professional budgets and regular reporting systems designed in accordance with your fields of activity, shareholders and managers will be able to effectively evaluate the performance and efficiency of each unit of the company, profitability and cash-generating capacity. With our team, who has previously worked as a senior manager in various holdings in the fields of accounting and budget planning and has established many budget reporting systems, will build the most suitable budget system for your company and will work with you continuously in budget-actual reporting, revised budgets, year-end forecasts. The quality of the actual data and its compliance with the budget is of great importance in measuring the budgets prepared and company performance. First of all, we review your trial plan, which is the main source of actual data, and to make it compatible with the budget system to be established. Thus, budget and actual data speak the same language and quality reports are created to measure company performance. The report formats that should be submitted to the board of directors are prepared professionally by our team. These reports, fed from detailed budgets prepared, provide great convenience to senior management in measuring and evaluating company performance. A ve A Danışmanlık prepares these reports and presents them to the senior management in English and Turkish, if requested.