CRM and Sales Management

Offer Management

Whether you are offering standard or optional offers, revise them, follow up revisions. Offer outputs such as pdf, word etc. If you want to print in the format, send an e-mail to your customer.

Company and Authorized List

Create your customer portfolio, record company locations and company officials.

Sales Activity Tracking

Tüm satış aktivitelerinizi kayıt altına alın ve satış ekiplerinizin takvimlerini yönetin.

Sales Opportunity Management

Make a cause analysis of lost sales by recording all the sales opportunities you have won or lost.

Sales Operation

Easily manage your customer visits, phone calls, demos and offers.

Product Operations

Follow product by feature, create template, follow serial or lot.

Price List Tracking

Create price lists such as list price, dealer price, advance price, bid according to different list prices.

Shipment Management

Plan the shipments of your customer orders. Deliver either partial or wholesale products with the dispatch order module

Delivery Note and Invoice Management

Whether paper, e-invoice or e-dispatch tracking.

Purchasing Management

Department Based Demand Collection

Create requirement lists within the product groups authorized by department.

Supplier Selection

Create supplier lists, collect offers from an unlimited number of suppliers.

Determining an Approved Supplier

Rate your suppliers according to purchase conditions, add them to the approved supplier list

Procurement Contracts Tracking

Create an automated bidding process by recording the agreements you have made with your suppliers regarding the products you continuously purchase.

Online / Offline Offer Collection

Send your purchase requests to your suppliers. Collect offers by Web, Phone or Fax.

Internal Purchasing Tracking

If the requested products can be met from within the company, make internal purchases by means of inter-departmental product transfer method.

Proposal Evaluation and Decision Process

Evaluate the received quotations according to delivery, payment, maturity, price parameters, and accept or reject them by going through the approval process.

Creating Orders from Approved Offers

Create a purchase on your ERP system from the offers you approve.

Purchasing Warehouse Management

With central warehouse management, min., Max. Determine your stock levels, manage according to the amount of need according to your consumption rate.

Goods Acceptance and Delivery Tracking

When your purchase orders are delivered with waybill or invoice, quantity and price control, and automatic quantity and price control over the system. Save your missing / excess documents incompatible with the order price to your ERP system as return or difference invoice.

Project Management

Creating a Project

Identify project stages, powers and responsibilities on a process basis

Manage your upcoming or delayed business

Conduct internal delegation, analyze delay causes, report

File Archiving

Archive your project documents, whether related to your projects or processes, and distribute them to the responsible with e-mail notifications.

Information Between Departments and Users

Users can comment on jobs within their own authority, use the instant messaging service by reading the comments posted.

Creating Organizational Chart

Identify the stages that trigger each other or have priority, let Planner remind you according to the process defined.

Task Management

Manage sub-stages, task allocations and total times for processes.


Traceability and Lot Tracking

Follow Lot on the basis of the material consumed and the semi-finished / finished product at every stage of production. Reach backward traceability from product lot number to every stage of production

Data Collection from the Field

Track your production and waste losses instantly with mobile applications to be used in production stations.

Prescription Revision Management

Revise your bill of materials, compare with past versions.

Quality management

Track your material and service procurement, quality records in production phases, pre-sales and shipment and inspection records on the system. With the traceability module, automatically create the quality documents you need at each stage via the system.

Fire and By-Product Management

Track waste and by-product formations in the production process through the system.

Warehouse Management

Manage your physical and conceptual warehouses within the business and branch.

Service Management

Service Request

Planner Service offers modular solutions for Advanced Service Request Tracking, Mail Integration, and Automatic Service Request and Service Request.

Service Request Tracking

Follow the Service Requests by company, location, authority, and report which jobs are defined in what periods.

Mail Integration

Ensure Company officials reach you by mail with mail integrations.

Automatic Service Request

Have company officials open an automatic case.

Service Analysis

Follow the service reasons, along with the reason codes.

Report the failure periods of your products.

Service Cases

Keep an instant track of who is on which job and at which stage.

Personnel Tracking – Service Request Result – Service Request Type – Service Description

Maintenance and Calibration

Create your maintenance and calibration contracts, follow up the maintenance period and period on the basis of customer and product.

Contact your customers for products approaching maintenance or calibration with the warning system.

Offer Management

Whether you are offering standard or optional offers, revise, follow up revisions ..

Offer outputs such as pdf, word etc. If you want to print it, send it to your customer.

Firm and Authorized List Management

Create your Customer Portfolio and record company locations and company officials.

Archive Management

  • Create your file types, departments, folders

  • Create your file types, departments, folders

  • Grant the ability to record, view, and edit by department or user

  • Log all changes made with change management

  • Track your file revisions and compare them with past revisions.