Legal Advice

All legal needs, current conditions of commercial life and the latest legal developments are analyzed and met with pragmatic and long-lasting solutions. Our faculty members are in cooperation with us for special service.

A ve A Danışmanlık, which keeps every shared information as a trade secret, has made this issue an indispensable part of professional business understanding.

Commercial and Corporate Law

A ve A Danışmanlık; On national and international trade law issues:

  • Preparation of commercial contracts and settlement of disputes arising from contracts,
  • Commercial company establishment and registration,
  • Receiving, registering and protecting trade names and business titles,
  • Company articles of association amendments and their registration,
  • Performing procedures for the general assembly,
  • Capital increase and reduction transactions,
  • Company acquisitions, mergers and division processes,
  • It provides comprehensive consultancy services to prevent problems that may arise in advance.

Labor and Social Security Law

A ve A Danışmanlık; It ensures that all procedures are carried out in accordance with the legislation in terms of both the personnel and the business contracts in which the companies are held responsible under the upper and lower employership, provides necessary consultancy services to the client companies in this regard and follows up any disputes that arise.

Services provided within this scope are as follows:

  • Follow-up of workers’ receivables and reemployment lawsuits,
  • Resolving contract termination and dismissal issues through peace or lawsuit,
  • Ensuring that labor contracts are kept up to date based on legal developments,
  • Preparation of minutes, defense request letters, warning and termination notifications.

Competition Law

With our solution partners experienced in the field of Competition Law, there are solutions to all kinds of legal problems in the field of Competition Law. Judicial processes are managed professionally and consultancy services are provided within the framework of noncompetition agreements, abuse of dominant position, control of mergers and permitting processes.