Attestation Transactions

Full certification service significantly reduces erroneous practices that may arise during an investigation by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, it has been stated that the firms that have prepared a certification report by the Ministry of Finance will not be examined, except for denunciations and special cases, and firms that have not certified will be examined primarily.

The scope of the full certification works can be summarized briefly under three titles: full certification audit, tax calculations and reporting.

We believe that it is important that the full certification service carried out in this context not only reduces the risk of tax inspection, but also results in early diagnosis and correction of incorrect tax practices. In addition, we evaluate the tax planning opportunities that have been identified and brought to the attention of the company management as an important added value created by the certification service.

Tax Consultancy

In our tax consultancy service, our tax experts’ skills are blended with economists, lawyers and other in-house experts, taking into account all aspects of tax planning and problem solving. Our tax experts; Working closely with teams of consultants, auditors, lawyers, and engineers, our group provides high quality services, including tax structuring, company purchases and mergers, transfer pricing, indirect taxes, contract configuration, offsetting foreign taxes / double tax deduction planning and tax compliance.

Certified Public Accountant Report

Apart from the financial reports to be provided to the Ministry of Finance, the preparation of reports that may be requested by the bank or third parties and auditing and signing by our solution partner, CPA, are among the services we provide.