In our business life of more than 25 years, we aim to bring different perspectives to your business world by sharing our experiences we have gained in different sectors and management levels, from family companies to multinational companies.

With our cooperation; we aim to reveal your company’s potential strength and what it can do, both in times of crisis and during periods of growth.

With our team and strong business partners, we produce customized solutions for your company by evaluating your company 360′ and sharing the results we have achieved with you. Our differences; to manage the post-report process with you


Altuğ Aylıkcı

Born in 1980, Altuğ Aylıkcı, completed the Hochschule Niederrhein Trade and Management MSc Program after graduating from Marmara University Textile Department. After completing his education, he worked in different textile companies and then he worked in Shell and Socar companies in sales and investment and operation positions at management positions.

Atilla tezer

Born in 1970, Atilla Tezer received Finance Education at UCLA after graduating from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Finance. He worked as manager at different levels of financial affairs and management positions within Yaşar Holding, Türk Tuborg, General Motors Europe, İnci Holding and Akdemir Holding respectively. He has been working as a Management Consultant since 2017.